Welcome to Narthex, an ever-growing collection of exceptional properties.

Narthex was originally conceived to breathe new life into existing facilities. Places where congregations worship, couples wed, classmates reunite, entrepreneurs innovate, musicians perform, children learn, artists create, and businesses thrive. In short, places where people come together in community. Where friendships are made. Where life happens.

No two Narthex properties are alike, they are as unique as the people who use them. Yet every Narthex property boasts careful restoration combined with modern amenities. You can expect quality without compromise across the Narthex network. When you visit a Narthex property you can be assured it is well managed and carefully maintained.

The Narthex team shoulders the responsibilities of all facets of the facility so you can concentrate on what matters to you. And when your needs exceed your space, there’s likely another Narthex property waiting to welcome you.

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