Is your congregation tired of setting up and tearing down?

We have beautiful church facilities that can be your new home.

Photo courtesy of Portable Church Industries

Are you ready for your congregation to have a new church home?

It is hard on people to have an impermenant church home.  There is the burden on volunteers setting up for church every week.  It is also challenging when there isn’t dedicated space for children’s ministry.

Are you  ready for a more permanent meeting space?  How nice would it be to have a dedicated space built for a faith community?

We are here to help you find the right space.

How it works.


Discuss Your

Ready for a space of your own?  Tell us what you need.


Preview Property

We may have the perfect space for you.  Find the right property and we will schedule a tour.


Proposal &

Once you’ve identified the perfect space, we create a lease which is tailored to the desires of your ministry.


Worship In a
New Church

It’s your church home now.  Go forth and thrive!

Got a space in mind?

If you have identified a property that fits your needs, we’re happy to buy it for you, renovate and improve it, and then lease it to you.

“Our church moved around for 16 years.  Thanks to Narthex we now have a home.”

-Sister Angie B.

Let's talk about your church.