We have created a path for your church to be freed from the burden of its building.

Sell and walk away or sell and leaseback your church property.  Use the the additional resources for the advancement of God’s mission.

Imagine what you could do if all the resources
didn’t have to go to the building.

  • Invest in new staff for key areas of growth
  • Give to the advancement  of God’s global mission
  • Start a food pantry or a clothing drive
  • Invest in the underprivileged people in your city
  • Fund your passion project
  • Dream big

A straightforward process.


Schedule a Site

Our local staff is here to assist and advise on your real estate issues.  Our initial site visit takes less than an hour.


Discuss Your
Desires & Options

How is your building getting in the way of your mission?  You have a vision…we’d like to help make it a reality.


Valuation &

Our valuations are fair and market based.  If our offer is accepted, we walk you through the transaction from start to finish.


Purchase, Renovation
& Leaseback

The purchase process is professional and proceeds as quickly or slowly as you desire.  Immediately after closing, we proceed with renovations and upgrades.  Our leases are friendly and tailored to the desires of your ministry.

“Narthex turned our building from a burden into a source of cash that we now have to energize our ministries and grow our community.”

-Ryan K.  Church Board Member

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