Invest in church real estate. Grow the Kingdom.

The Narthex Impact Fund:

Put your charitable capital to work revitalizing sacred spaces and empowering local ministries.

We buy, sell, improve, lease and manage church facilities

Invest in innovative real estate solutions that free existing churches to focus on their missions and connect new congregations and ministries to needed spaces.

What is Narthex?

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Local Churches

  • Relieve local churches from real estate burdens so they can expand their  ministry capacities
  • Redirect funds from maintenance to missions
  • Use empty spaces to encourage 7 day-a-week activities and boost impact
  • Solve problematic property management issues


  • Invest in under-valued church assets
  • Make a difference that can be seen and felt throughout the community— while earning above-market returns on capital
  • Participate in church revitalization
  • Use investment resources to boost the local church

The Kingdom

  • We have worked across the church spectrum with every major denomination and numerous non-denominational groups
  • Experience the joy of seeing God at work through energized congregations and life changing community programs

What is Narthex?

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Our track record: Kingdom & financial returns

Local churches served by Narthex


Average weekly worshipers in Narthex spaces


Current waiting list of groups in need of space


Forecast annual return to investors


Average occupancy in Narthex spaces


Average increase in church utilization

41% → 98%

Typical return on asset


“Narthex solves a variety of problems for churches. Primarily, they remove the building burden, free up resources so they can be used for their mission and make space for more churches. I’m convinced that it’s models like Narthex that are the future of church real estate.”

– Nick Bonner, Pinetops Foundation

The Narthex Impact Fund:

Charitable Capital + the Local Church

Invest your charitable capital in the Narthex Impact Fund to help preserve and breathe new life into struggling sacred spaces — and maximize their use by tenants serving Kingdom causes (churches, daycares, Christian schools, and more).

“As an investor, it’s important for me to believe in the mission of the organization. Narthex is creating opportunities for local churches to impact our communities in ways they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. I’m honored to have a small part in it and to see Narthex making a difference."
- Josh Walker, Resilient Capital

Ready to Invest

Make a return on your investment so you have more to invest in the Kingdom

Witness the revitalization of beautiful neighborhood churches

Inject much needed capital into worship spaces making a difference in our communities


Charitable capital investments powered by the Impact Foundation

Narthex partners with the Impact Foundation to make investing through donor advised funds (DAF) simple.

  • Create an Impact Account, a DAF sponsored by the Impact Foundation
  • Easily direct a charitable capital investment to Narthex
  • Monitor your impact and save, reinvest or donate the returns

Invest in church real estate transformation now with a new or existing Impact Account.

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