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Narthex’s desire is to create vibrant community spaces throughout Kansas City where our properties serve as a conduit for creativity, inspiration, and more.

Every commercial property for lease or rent, has a special purpose – a place where communities gather, where memories bloom, and where we celebrate life together.

Why Narthex Commercial Properties?

Our commercial properties throughout the Kansas City area are more than walls, windows, and floors. They speak to us. And if you listen carefully, they’ll speak volumes to you, too.

On a practical level, these spaces have gorgeous architectural styles which reflect a pause in history. From rich hardwood floors and soaring ceilings to large windows inviting in natural light, each property reflects a unique moment of the past.

On a deeper level, these renovated spaces provide a contemporary venue that is the perfect canvas to bring communities together, experience life, and make new memories.

Each of our properties serve as a participant in the backdrop of Kansas and Missouri neighborhoods, surrounded by effortless access to cultural events, shopping, delicious dining, and more.

Browse our wedding venues and reception halls, office spaces, church venues, event venues, and more.

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